Engineering Mechanics (EM) Prospective Student Visit Application, 2022
Virginia Tech Campus, Blacksburg, VA
October 20-22, 2022

Please complete this application for consideration to participate with the upcoming Engineering Mechanics (EM) Prospective Student Visit at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. The EM Program will cover standard travel expenses within the continental USA for all invited in-person attendees; meals and hotel accommodations will also be provided. A limited number of in-person participants will be selected. Applications will be accepted through October 10. To receive full consideration for hotel accommodations and/or air travel, applications must be received by September 21, 2022. 

Due to the limited number of spaces for this event, not all interested applicants will be invited to attend the in-person activities. A selection of the events will be available for Zoom participation for those who are not able to attend in person.

It is not necessary to apply to the Virginia Tech Graduate School to participate in THIS fall recruiting event.
There will be another opportunity to visit campus in Spring, 2023 if you first apply to the engineering mechanics program through the Virginia Tech Graduate School website.

If necessary, this event may transition to an online-only event held via Zoom.

Complete all portions of this application and attach your Curriculum Vitae or Resume (as a PDF file).
Short overview of Engineering Mechanics at Virginia Tech (right click to open link in new tab)
Contact Information
If selected to participate, what is your preferred mode of participation?
Travel Support Questions: If selected to participate in person, the EM program will cover travel within the U.S.
Hotel Accommodation Question: The EM program will provide accommodation. Which option would you prefer:
Academic Information
Current academic level or most recent academic level:
Is Fall 2023 your anticipated semester of enrollment in graduate school?
Which of the Engineering Mechanics degree options interests you most?
Engineering Mechanics Research Areas, Faculty and Affiliate Faculty
Which topical areas are you most interested in? Check all that apply:
After reviewing the topical areas, list at least one (1) but up to 3 (three) BEAM Faculty or EM Affiliated Faculty that you are interested in working with and explain why. All faculty within each each topical area are identified on the topical area page (note*  scroll to the end of each page to see the EM Affiliated Faculty) 
I might be interested in working with the following professor (required)
I might also be interested in working with this other professor (optional)
I might also be interested in working with this other professor (optional)
In general, what interests you the most about the Engineering Mechanics Program at Virginia Tech? What do you hope to learn by participating with EM's Prospective Student Visit?
Please press "Start" below to move to the next section. You will need a copy of your Curriculum Vitae or Resume (in PDF format). 
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