2022 SAIR Best Practice Awards

Annual Best Practice Awards Application

SAIR members have developed many innovative and attractive ways to impart key institutional information to a variety of stakeholders. The format of these work products can range from more traditional printed items to interactive dashboards. The diversity of subfields represented within SAIR - IR, assessment, institutional effectiveness - also expands potential entries from traditional fact books to assessment scoring rubrics, college/department scorecards, and more.

Entries are judged on items such as design, innovation, coherence, and accessibility. Recognizing that content and format for a more traditional, static report is often quite different than for interactive dashboards, two awards were developed in acknowledgement of the differences in reports. The current categories are:
  • Best Print Report - fact book, report, infographic, or other item optimized and formatted for printing
  • Best Interactive Report - fact book, report, infographic, or other item that is interactive and not primarily designed to be printed
  • Best Website - departmental website, evaluated on its overall structure, content, and design
  • Best Innovative Practice - assessment program, workflow, or other team process that has led to increased efficiencies and/or improved outcomes

Contest entries are due by August 1, 2022. Entries will not be accepted during the conference. All entries must be submitted by the August 1st deadline in order to be considered. Award recipients will be announced during the 2022 SAIR Conference in New Orleans.

Below are links to the rubrics used to judge the best practice submissions:
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