Honors College Current Student Application

This application is for current Virginia Tech students who wish to apply to the Honors College. Eligible applicants will have at least a 3.60 cumulative GPA and at least four semesters remaining from the time they enter the Honors College until graduation.

Students who enter the Honors College in Fall 2021 or later are required to make an appointment with the Honors Peer Advising Center in order to receive approval on their plan to earn an Honors Laureate Diploma. All Honors College students are also required to achieve a 3.60 or better cumulative GPA. BOTH of these requirements must be met by the end of two traditional, consecutive semesters in Honors (i.e., spring and fall for those who enter after a fall term; fall and spring for those who enter after a spring term). More information about these two requirements will follow an acceptance notification. To learn more about the Honors Laureate diploma, click here
PLEASE REMEMBER: The application closes at 11:59pm (EASTERN TIME) on Friday, July 15, 2022. We do not accept late submissions. If you are not in the Eastern time zone, plan ahead so that you meet the deadline.
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