Contact Information
Departmental Contact Name for Planning
Departmental Contact Email
Level of visit
Agency/University of Delegation
Date and time of arrival/Date and time of departure:
(Please specify what dates/times meetings/events need to be scheduled)
Attendees: (Include name, title, email address for each)
Purpose of visit
Proposed outcomes of visit
What is the nature of the existing relationship with the university or agency?
What prior activities have taken place with this university or agency?
What specific areas of the College or University would this delegation like to visit?
Who will be responsible for transportation/drivers escorting visitors around campus?
How are the following going to be paid and by whom: lodging, transportation, meals, gifts?
Who will be responsible for making the following reservations: lodging, transportation, meals?
Will there be a gift exchange and if so, have you made arrangements to provide the gifts?
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