Thank you for your interest in the Plant-A-Row program!  We are excited that you made the decision to donate part of your harvest to the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank!  With your donation, fresh produce will be made available to those struggling with the hardships of food and nutrition insecurity.  To start the registration process, please provide your name and contact information.
What city or county do you reside it?
Do you need assistance in obtaining seeds and/or transplants?
If you require seeds or transplants, how long are your garden rows or how many plants fit in a row?
Please select which vegetable(s) you would like to grow and donate this season.
If you selected "other", please list the other crop you wish to grow.  Leave blank if you did not select "other".
Are you willing to participate in a short survey to evaluate the effectiveness of this program at the end of the gardening season?
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