English Language Proficiency Interview Application for J-1 Exchange Visitors

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The cost of the interview is $100, which must be received before the interview is conducted. There are two payment options:
  • Pay by MasterCard, Visa, or American Express by clicking on our E-Payments page. Make sure you select "J-1 Assessment Test."
  • Virginia Tech departments may pay by Interdepartmental Service Request (ISR) in HokieMart. Contact Pamela Smart-Smith at smart1@vt.edu if you need assistance.

Once your application has been processed and payment has been received, you will be contacted via email to set up a time and date for the interview.
Application Form
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Primary email address:
Country of citizenship:
J-1 category designation:
There are four options for documenting sufficient English proficiency. Each prospective J-1 exchange visitor must submit documentation to meet one of the options below.

Please select one of the following:
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