Finding Your Superpowers! Gallup CliftonStrengths Workshop
Friday, March 29, 10:30am-12pm, GLC Meeting room B
You don't hear this enough: you're amazing! This workshop will be a fantastic opportunity to focus on what's right with you – the things don’t need to be fixed, or what you might consider your superpowers. Learn more about what your Top 5 Gallup Clifton Strengths mean individually and collectively for you and the people around you. Identify how your Strengths can and do show up in the decisions you make, in the interactions you have with others, and in other situations big and small. Plan how you can use your Strengths more intentionally for success and fulfillment both personally and professionally.
Prerequisite: Take the Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment before the workshop.  It only takes about 30 minutes to complete and is free for all VT students, faculty and staff.  For more information, or to take the assessment: https://experience.vt.edu/strengths.html. If you have already taken the assessment, no need to take it again.
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