NHGS Peer Mentor Application 2023

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I am pursuing a . . .
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Name of College/University
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Type of diploma earned
Why did you return to graduate school?
Where did you work?
How long did you work?
For new applicants: Are you a first generation college student (neither parent graduated from a four-year college)?
All applicants: are you in good academic standing?
How have you participated with the current New Horizon Graduate Scholars Peer Mentor Program?

If you have not participated with the NHGS Peer Mentoring program, why would you like to be a mentor?

Please indicate your preference when it comes to being a mentor:
Mentor and Mentee Matching

How important is similar matching based on the following:
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Personality Characteristics
Please list any additional information that would be helpful in the mentor/mentee matching process:

For new applicants: Who has been the most influential person/mentor in your life and why?

For new applicants: Why do you think you will be a good mentor?

For Returning Mentors: Why did you choose to reapply to be a mentor?

For Returning Mentors: Do you believe that you fulfilled your responsibilities as a mentor? Please explain.
Have you had FERPA training while here at VT?
2022 Mentor Expectations and Requirements:

Maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA throughout the academic year.
Attend mandatory and in person training: 23 February (Thursday), 4:45pm - 6:00pm
Available to serve as a mentor for the Summer and Fall, 2023.
Attend NHGS orientation in August (time/date TBD).
Contact peer mentee 2 times over the summer, via email or phone, to answer questions.
Meet with peer mentee(s) at least three times during the Fall, 2023 semester.
When possible, attend NHGS monthly social events.
Serve as a positive representative of VT's College of Engineering Graduate School.
To acknowledge that you have read, understand and are able to fulfill the responsibilities of the New Horizon Graduate Scholars Mentor, please type your name here:
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